Wednesday, December 19, 2007


You are an Iginal person, descendents of many kinds from various nations, and long ago from the same original people who probably share the same roots as nearly every culture of man. That we may all be related is a universal them, with factual history to back it up. The DNA testing today is providing many of these clues. Recently the American Vice president was found to be related to the potential next president, and descendents of President Jefferson are alive and well in the black community. The world contnues to move towards a mixed racial culture with this universal accent.

We all realize we are one people on one planet. We also have connections and affinity with people from other nations, and past times, either feel drawn to them or have a similar feel. So it is we should explore the entire world culture as if it were our home, and realize more that we are the world. Therefore the 80's song speaks to the Iginal or original man in all of us.

Paneagle feels this strongly, from original American settlers to a native american perception, first leaders of the country and European ancestry, from the ancient greeks or eqyptians, or gypsy and aboriginal tribes, to present day unity with all people and cultures, there is this same human sense of being part of the whole, in the spiritual context more than anything else. It is a reality to know, we are Soul, a spiritual being, and that is the center from which we appreciate our life on earth, and the people we know. It will build in all Iginals and their descendents. These times today present a great opportunity to find this unity and build a united planet effort, for acceptance, love, and purpose, and more simply, to live life well.


Saturday, December 15, 2007




The original descendents of ancestors of a nation or continent, a natural born people without conflict or necessary identity to race, nation, sexual or any other bias, free by choice and universal acceptance. All born of North or South American continent can be called Ameriginals, or those born in foreign nations who reside outside of America but were born of parents of this continent.


A context founded By Peter Marshall Adams, not kept, sold, or owned for private use. Non-profit, Non-political and non-religious, it can still be a catalyst for both change and individual freedom, as you may wish or use your Iginality.

We have Ameriginal, Euriginal, Afriginal, Asiaginal, Austaliginal, even Aboriginal or Iginal people who may reserve the right to their individuality and cross-cultural or any other lifestyle choice. Humanity is meant to be free, and must be so, or loose that stare we call humanity. Freedom is really inherent fresponsibility of our will to choose.

Any discussion to this blog, please feel free to post. Peter is an Ameriginal and Euriginal who respects the United States heritage and laws.