Wednesday, January 30, 2008

TRUE IGINAL FREEDOM - What is it to be free?


AMERICA was begun by AMERICAN IGINAL PEOPLE of the land who wished to form a more perfect union. Native Indian Tribesman still seek Freedom today. From native indian stories, the term human beings has been a common theme from the Emerald Forest to Dances with Wolves. In Australia, Aboriginal Australians are receiving recognition as indigineous people of their continent. American Ameriginals should also, but now the definition goes beyond native Indian tribes to the Iginal people of the world.

Innate Iginal human beings

All people have innate Iginal freedom outright, and naturally, the simple recognition and acknowledgement is the only pre-requisite. Consciousness must be the key, and conscious acceptance of who we are is our key to consciousness. Becoming aware of our Ameriginality is often a first step to this entire state of freedom, knowing, abd being.

Now the AMERIGINAL may state his freedom, as an ancestor of original descendents. Only the Iginal Ameriginal person lives freely, on any continent. This is not against an established country or nationality, religion or culture. This first advanced state of consciousness is of human beings, but not limited to the national, racial, or international such as governments which cannot provide freedom, even if they provide organizational status. Thus we may realize ourselves in our original state of being of Iginal ancestry, as well as our current state as human beings, without conflict or forced establishment of a physical nation or community.

This unusual and exciting development of conscious freedom must be done individually. It is an acknowledgement of an already existing state. We
each are Iginal people of Earth, naturally, and live of one original ancestry, as human beings. Each of us also has a unique personal ancestry of some continent, either Ameriginal for North and South Americans, or of the other continents, of the Euriginal, Asiginal, Afriginal, or Australiginal groups.

Why do we need to be Iginal? If we are people of a nation as well, shall there be no establishment of religion, nation, or government for the IGINAL people? Simply, freedom and being is a valid statement of existence.

So NOW we establish the state of "AMER". This is a conscious state, not a virtual reality, nor of the internet or a nation, nor separated from any of them, for all Iginal people have also a national and religious or otherwise designated status.

The state of AMER is that of a unbroken unity of humans, each with an individual history and ancestry undenied, only relative to that person and their continental origins.

THE KING OF AMER states this freedom today, and knows it also leads to greater freedom, including ultimate spiritual freedom. AMER becomes the nation of AMERIGINALS, for those living born on this continent or of a heritage of the Americas, even if living abroad. As well, any Ameriginal may be a chosen Iginal people of Europe or Africa, and establish the conscious state for himself of Euriginal. We choose our choice of Iginality. In fact this is what we are, so it is that all are IGINAL people.

Amer is a world-wide community of beings. Iginality is the first step to the Universal consciousness and a civilization of the Universe which follows, although quite distinct in the sense it still is human and natural of Earth. Those who enter this in attitude can also find the third state (as in true third world) of consciousness as the Ziuman, which is aware of the human state, the Iginal state, and becoming aware of the universal state. The primary bridge is acceptance, as there is a bridge between human and Ziuman in the Iginal person
This is primarily an emotional acknowledgement. It is the open acceptance mentally of man's conscious universal state, non-dependent on institution, government, race, or national bias. These emotional and mental bridges lead man to freedom once he realizes the simplicity of what he is. Truly then, in a spiritual freedom of being.

The King of AMER can state everyone lives in the Iginal state. This is as a prince or even a King or Queen, (Vanity ot playing a part in any way). You can know cause and effect, and being what they are, state AMER as the quality of Ameriginals, and AMERIGINA as the state of the nation. Amerigina exists without need for declaration, nor voice of control or authority. IGINA becomes the partnership community of those who acknowledge AMERIGINALITY in the Americas, and IGINAL of the world. The IAM is often sensed as the key voice of this statement.

Here are the key statements of man as AMERIGINAL and IGINAL for this next millenium. In time and space, Man lives. The AMER exists in the largesse of extended existence over time and perhaps leading to that state beyond time, and as a spiritual being you may know this.

The Ameriginal becomes the one aware of the universal in man. This is a likely pre-requisite of the conscious acceptance of AMER.

Good day, AMER. You may now join that group of which you are. You may make it what it is, and be what you are. This none can take away. This shall not directly change the national or racial status, but it may transcend their limits. How unique and wonderful. This PRINCE of AMER is with you.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


A TRUE ADVANCED THOUGHT…....if we can see galaxies billion of light years away it stands to reason others with telescopes….(we discovered them 400 years ago) are also looking at us, and have discovered how to see us from a distance.


The point of distance sight is combined with distance sound as in judgment which is the appearance of light in man and the mankind development of such light as to make humans realize who they are and build the civilization of the universe. We become the one aware of life as a unity and thus not separate or distinct from other advanced civilizations, and regarding the concept of a whole world here and now, not out there. The sheer numbers of stars assure us that planets with life do exist, and the cosmologically small chance of no life on them suggests the mysticism of religions and shortsighted view of man must be realized and mostly eliminated, in order to survive, and evolve.


We must know that others are able to see us, and being more advanced, they do not have a need to contact us, and know the opportunity of our advancement comes from ourselves. In other words, this world is enough for us, and cosmologically, we find the levels of universal dimensions within us, not without, and thus the distance between all things, including other planets, is nothing. That distance being nothing, we grow or discover and build all on our own world, to eventually join the other civilizations and evolved consciousness which we have reached. There is no gain in other planetary beings contacting us, if we are not to their level. This world and its many dimensions in fact has all we need elementally, and universally, as well as individually. We must see heaven in this sense is here and now physically as wel as spiritually, and can open us to the higher dimensions or worlds which we are growing into, as humans, as well as spiritual beings, which is who we are.


This is non-profit non-political non-religious based scientific and spiritually realized unity that is exclusive and inclusive, the potent development of financial well being and relation as caretakers of and balanced resource usage throughout, with love and acceptance of individuality as well as purposeful endeavour and unity of man with life. The realization of our own civilization, not an anti-civilization is the reality of this understanding which will connect us internally to all other realized civilizations. The law of one stands in harmonic relationship to the reality of our realization.


The state of consciousness of the planetary realization is our own state of acceptance, which completes our human development to the next level, a Ziuman, who is aware of this spiritual context, in a hundredth monkey level of development, spanning the globe. It is this universal awareness which will eliminate or limit to a great extent death, disease and destructive impulse. It may sound idealistic, but it is also inevitable. The Ziuman is within each man today, whether he is aware of it, or not. If you make your state of consciousness your goal, your apprehension of universal principles of life will bring you the consciousness of this realized being. That is the purpose of your life, and everyone who lives.


The end time predicted is only a metaphor for the realization of this hundredth monkey within you, that becomes an end to the old way of thinking, and even of being beyond thought to the reality. This ends mind and emotion as prime movers, making reality and realization the consciousness of here and now. The spiritual context does relate to the physical, in our oneness with life, but we must also be physical beings while we live, not deny it, and then integrate that oneness into every step we take, action, thoughts, emotions and desires. If we do so, all is not punished, as Shakespeare said, but instead, all is realized.


This is all why we say make no man your enemy, nor make any enemy a friend of one who is not open. It is also to follow the basic laws of love, which are to not invade or force, and not to do harm, and also to keep agreements as you see or have agreed to. Those laws make simplicity of the realization. All others will not suffice. Check yourself in integrated honesty to see how your doing with these two laws, of agreement and love.

Paneagle invites all to check Paneagle for one who is working with this consciousness evolution, in relationships, realization, and effective unity, to touch and be with the whole Ziuman in man that you are.


Sunday, January 13, 2008




Humanity is a complex being, beyond the animal and instinctual insect kingdom, man comes with the universe as one who observes, and associates, thus sees he is related to his life and world, even if independent. This observation becomes the perceptive awareness, which knows he has four states of being.

1) Man is physical, human, thus a man.
2) Man is Iginal, of descendents, genetics, and ancestral heritage.
3) Man is universal, of the world, humanity, and their associations
4) Man is Soul, a spiritual being.

These are four states unique and individual, but also unified in man, as far as he is, although not all acknowledge these states, or acknowledge fully. Thus a man who does Acknowledge, becomes a Ziuman, or true observer, one who knows who and what man is. This must include all four states to be complete in acknowledgement. One who acknowledges this, becomes the complete man, and realizes power of choice. This is a major step to freedom.


The Ameriginal is the Iginal man of the American continent. This is a bridge to the universal man, who sees he is a citizen of the universe and this acknowledgement is the first and only cause of any Iginal man. Now one can become aware he is Soul, a spiritual being, living in the universe, with a human form. He is a soul with a body, not a body with a soul. The cause becomes liberation, and maintenance of that freedom, even while one lives in the world of cause, or physical dimensions. For as long as man lives, he must be of the four states of being, at the same time. This is the complex of the human being.

Friday, January 11, 2008


Announcement of the AMERIGINAL PRECEDENT

Although we understand a revolution in these modern times is in the making, the USA status quo now forces a unique stand, for the Ameriginal to become a new nation. The real status of the Ameriginal is the establised freedom of the individual while we acknowledge an inclusive unity with all life. Although it does not directly conflict with United States of America in any way. the revelation of a nation within a nation is possible, and those willing to acknowledge they are not dependent on America or any other nation for their identity as an Ameriginal or Iginal person. This is essence known as AMER, the Iginal reality of all men born of this Ameriginal continent, ancestors each independent of themselves. Thus Ameriginality is not political, religious, non-organizational, nor for profit.

THE 10 PRECEDENTS will be listed for all who wish to understand what Iginality is, established the truth and values in these precedents for those in any culture, race, sex, nation, or other status. The 14 precedents are:

1)Everyone is an Ameriginal, Euriginal, Aboriginal, Asiginal, Afriginal, Antiginal or otherwise a form of "IGINAL" as a descendant of original settlers or their descendants, and any may claim this status for themselves to know Life in the true united way, while each is sovereign of themselves and in that sense always a free being.

2) Ameriginality is not dependent on nationality, race, creed, sex, or religion.

3) Ameriginals do not propose overthrow by attack, violence, or defense of any group ideal other than Ameriginality, which is their right and nature, to live without any conflict to them or these groups or establishments whatsoever.

4) Ameriginality is an ideal first, and a free choice as a designation that exists regardless of time, space, or heritage, except that one has such descendancy living on any continent, land, or place on Earth.

5) The purpose of Ameriginality is to form the greater identification of the human being that unites and does not conflict in any way, for it is beyond identification of race, creed, and nation, and has no argument with any of these chosen by the Ameriginal or any other identified individual.

6) There is the hope Ameriginality can unite the people of the American continents, as other Iginals on other continents, to become a united front, without contract, government, or organization other than the acknowledgement of a true heritage and the true state of freedom.

7) Ameriginality acknowledges individual choice of lifestyle, beliefs and family, knowing they are all individual and do not force our conditionality, to realize beyond them that one is pure being and exists. Therefore it is that we are then original of itself.

8) Ameriginals may live in any principle of virtue, goodness, and balance and so on, as they wish, to share Ameriginality with others, for the sheer joy of being and its’ expression as long as it does no harm and is not invasive of others.

9) Ameriginality and any of its’ associate “Iginals” will exist as long as mankind exists to live upon the Earth.

10) Any person of any continent and nationality can become Ameriginal, as they already are, and this acknowledgement indicates the awareness one is free with oneself, on any land or place one may be.

11) Ameriginality does not insure people and governmental laws and regulation are avoidable or reasons for negation of any kind, or that abuses will not occur, nor that Ameriginals are controlled by anything, even Ameriginality, except as they may see each is the choice of the individual and his free identification.

12) Overall, identification as an Ameriginal is a choice above and beyond human institutions, and therefore, demonstrates how individuals, or even nations may rise above and see, to know or have responsibility for their choices.

13) The Ameriginal finds the freedom and liberty inherent in his true origin, however that origin is defined, heand therefore he may still realize its’ inherent protection, free right, independence from, and connection to all.

14) The Ameriginal is neutral, and this neutrality gives a platform to speak uniquely and cohesively about problems that give space between conflict that two sides may find, and to observe and see without bias or disadvantage into all things that occupy its’ present awareness. This is a special gift. Being Aware and to know thyself would be the purpose of life, and once known, service to the highest good, in truth, becomes the first objective.

Monday, January 7, 2008



No one is just like you. You may have qualities and abilities unlike any others, but you also have many others share. How we are unique is the way we are each who we are, with unique history, background and self expression of ourselves in the present moment, which none can duplicate. Think of those billions of cells each with its own cell memories, and the quality of our unique being must emerge, someday, in some way. If we try to develop those best qualities and capacity, we can become more of that which we began with, Soul, and develop our soulfulness.

In life we have cycles, events, karmic experiences, and personal growth. We find resistance, learning, and value. We discover principles, and originality. We find our best suits, and begin to wear them. So how can we make the most of all we are. it means knowing the principles of life, not just spiritually, but physically. and we do reach for the higher values in life, the coordinated forms which express us, first in outer things supplied by our senses, shard tastes such as music, or the development of creative talent, or reaching for personal goals. Life becomes more than the sensual experience, sleep, work, and play. The more we see their is unity in the world, the more we know the unified educative nature of life, and the more soulfulness can come out.

Are we going with our own flow? Our world and systems are evolving with technology and communications, in natural ways and often through guarded problems. The original in you is reaching for its own self. Find this and the rest will make sense. Much can be learned here, and so read on.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


You are an Iginal person, descendents of many kinds from various nations, and long ago from the same original people who probably share the same roots as nearly every culture of man. That we may all be related is a universal them, with factual history to back it up. The DNA testing today is providing many of these clues. Recently the American Vice president was found to be related to the potential next president, and descendents of President Jefferson are alive and well in the black community. The world contnues to move towards a mixed racial culture with this universal accent.

We all realize we are one people on one planet. We also have connections and affinity with people from other nations, and past times, either feel drawn to them or have a similar feel. So it is we should explore the entire world culture as if it were our home, and realize more that we are the world. Therefore the 80's song speaks to the Iginal or original man in all of us.

Paneagle feels this strongly, from original American settlers to a native american perception, first leaders of the country and European ancestry, from the ancient greeks or eqyptians, or gypsy and aboriginal tribes, to present day unity with all people and cultures, there is this same human sense of being part of the whole, in the spiritual context more than anything else. It is a reality to know, we are Soul, a spiritual being, and that is the center from which we appreciate our life on earth, and the people we know. It will build in all Iginals and their descendents. These times today present a great opportunity to find this unity and build a united planet effort, for acceptance, love, and purpose, and more simply, to live life well.


Saturday, December 15, 2007




The original descendents of ancestors of a nation or continent, a natural born people without conflict or necessary identity to race, nation, sexual or any other bias, free by choice and universal acceptance. All born of North or South American continent can be called Ameriginals, or those born in foreign nations who reside outside of America but were born of parents of this continent.


A context founded By Peter Marshall Adams, not kept, sold, or owned for private use. Non-profit, Non-political and non-religious, it can still be a catalyst for both change and individual freedom, as you may wish or use your Iginality.

We have Ameriginal, Euriginal, Afriginal, Asiaginal, Austaliginal, even Aboriginal or Iginal people who may reserve the right to their individuality and cross-cultural or any other lifestyle choice. Humanity is meant to be free, and must be so, or loose that stare we call humanity. Freedom is really inherent fresponsibility of our will to choose.

Any discussion to this blog, please feel free to post. Peter is an Ameriginal and Euriginal who respects the United States heritage and laws.