Sunday, January 27, 2008


A TRUE ADVANCED THOUGHT…....if we can see galaxies billion of light years away it stands to reason others with telescopes….(we discovered them 400 years ago) are also looking at us, and have discovered how to see us from a distance.


The point of distance sight is combined with distance sound as in judgment which is the appearance of light in man and the mankind development of such light as to make humans realize who they are and build the civilization of the universe. We become the one aware of life as a unity and thus not separate or distinct from other advanced civilizations, and regarding the concept of a whole world here and now, not out there. The sheer numbers of stars assure us that planets with life do exist, and the cosmologically small chance of no life on them suggests the mysticism of religions and shortsighted view of man must be realized and mostly eliminated, in order to survive, and evolve.


We must know that others are able to see us, and being more advanced, they do not have a need to contact us, and know the opportunity of our advancement comes from ourselves. In other words, this world is enough for us, and cosmologically, we find the levels of universal dimensions within us, not without, and thus the distance between all things, including other planets, is nothing. That distance being nothing, we grow or discover and build all on our own world, to eventually join the other civilizations and evolved consciousness which we have reached. There is no gain in other planetary beings contacting us, if we are not to their level. This world and its many dimensions in fact has all we need elementally, and universally, as well as individually. We must see heaven in this sense is here and now physically as wel as spiritually, and can open us to the higher dimensions or worlds which we are growing into, as humans, as well as spiritual beings, which is who we are.


This is non-profit non-political non-religious based scientific and spiritually realized unity that is exclusive and inclusive, the potent development of financial well being and relation as caretakers of and balanced resource usage throughout, with love and acceptance of individuality as well as purposeful endeavour and unity of man with life. The realization of our own civilization, not an anti-civilization is the reality of this understanding which will connect us internally to all other realized civilizations. The law of one stands in harmonic relationship to the reality of our realization.


The state of consciousness of the planetary realization is our own state of acceptance, which completes our human development to the next level, a Ziuman, who is aware of this spiritual context, in a hundredth monkey level of development, spanning the globe. It is this universal awareness which will eliminate or limit to a great extent death, disease and destructive impulse. It may sound idealistic, but it is also inevitable. The Ziuman is within each man today, whether he is aware of it, or not. If you make your state of consciousness your goal, your apprehension of universal principles of life will bring you the consciousness of this realized being. That is the purpose of your life, and everyone who lives.


The end time predicted is only a metaphor for the realization of this hundredth monkey within you, that becomes an end to the old way of thinking, and even of being beyond thought to the reality. This ends mind and emotion as prime movers, making reality and realization the consciousness of here and now. The spiritual context does relate to the physical, in our oneness with life, but we must also be physical beings while we live, not deny it, and then integrate that oneness into every step we take, action, thoughts, emotions and desires. If we do so, all is not punished, as Shakespeare said, but instead, all is realized.


This is all why we say make no man your enemy, nor make any enemy a friend of one who is not open. It is also to follow the basic laws of love, which are to not invade or force, and not to do harm, and also to keep agreements as you see or have agreed to. Those laws make simplicity of the realization. All others will not suffice. Check yourself in integrated honesty to see how your doing with these two laws, of agreement and love.

Paneagle invites all to check Paneagle for one who is working with this consciousness evolution, in relationships, realization, and effective unity, to touch and be with the whole Ziuman in man that you are.


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