Sunday, January 13, 2008




Humanity is a complex being, beyond the animal and instinctual insect kingdom, man comes with the universe as one who observes, and associates, thus sees he is related to his life and world, even if independent. This observation becomes the perceptive awareness, which knows he has four states of being.

1) Man is physical, human, thus a man.
2) Man is Iginal, of descendents, genetics, and ancestral heritage.
3) Man is universal, of the world, humanity, and their associations
4) Man is Soul, a spiritual being.

These are four states unique and individual, but also unified in man, as far as he is, although not all acknowledge these states, or acknowledge fully. Thus a man who does Acknowledge, becomes a Ziuman, or true observer, one who knows who and what man is. This must include all four states to be complete in acknowledgement. One who acknowledges this, becomes the complete man, and realizes power of choice. This is a major step to freedom.


The Ameriginal is the Iginal man of the American continent. This is a bridge to the universal man, who sees he is a citizen of the universe and this acknowledgement is the first and only cause of any Iginal man. Now one can become aware he is Soul, a spiritual being, living in the universe, with a human form. He is a soul with a body, not a body with a soul. The cause becomes liberation, and maintenance of that freedom, even while one lives in the world of cause, or physical dimensions. For as long as man lives, he must be of the four states of being, at the same time. This is the complex of the human being.

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