Friday, January 11, 2008


Announcement of the AMERIGINAL PRECEDENT

Although we understand a revolution in these modern times is in the making, the USA status quo now forces a unique stand, for the Ameriginal to become a new nation. The real status of the Ameriginal is the establised freedom of the individual while we acknowledge an inclusive unity with all life. Although it does not directly conflict with United States of America in any way. the revelation of a nation within a nation is possible, and those willing to acknowledge they are not dependent on America or any other nation for their identity as an Ameriginal or Iginal person. This is essence known as AMER, the Iginal reality of all men born of this Ameriginal continent, ancestors each independent of themselves. Thus Ameriginality is not political, religious, non-organizational, nor for profit.

THE 10 PRECEDENTS will be listed for all who wish to understand what Iginality is, established the truth and values in these precedents for those in any culture, race, sex, nation, or other status. The 14 precedents are:

1)Everyone is an Ameriginal, Euriginal, Aboriginal, Asiginal, Afriginal, Antiginal or otherwise a form of "IGINAL" as a descendant of original settlers or their descendants, and any may claim this status for themselves to know Life in the true united way, while each is sovereign of themselves and in that sense always a free being.

2) Ameriginality is not dependent on nationality, race, creed, sex, or religion.

3) Ameriginals do not propose overthrow by attack, violence, or defense of any group ideal other than Ameriginality, which is their right and nature, to live without any conflict to them or these groups or establishments whatsoever.

4) Ameriginality is an ideal first, and a free choice as a designation that exists regardless of time, space, or heritage, except that one has such descendancy living on any continent, land, or place on Earth.

5) The purpose of Ameriginality is to form the greater identification of the human being that unites and does not conflict in any way, for it is beyond identification of race, creed, and nation, and has no argument with any of these chosen by the Ameriginal or any other identified individual.

6) There is the hope Ameriginality can unite the people of the American continents, as other Iginals on other continents, to become a united front, without contract, government, or organization other than the acknowledgement of a true heritage and the true state of freedom.

7) Ameriginality acknowledges individual choice of lifestyle, beliefs and family, knowing they are all individual and do not force our conditionality, to realize beyond them that one is pure being and exists. Therefore it is that we are then original of itself.

8) Ameriginals may live in any principle of virtue, goodness, and balance and so on, as they wish, to share Ameriginality with others, for the sheer joy of being and its’ expression as long as it does no harm and is not invasive of others.

9) Ameriginality and any of its’ associate “Iginals” will exist as long as mankind exists to live upon the Earth.

10) Any person of any continent and nationality can become Ameriginal, as they already are, and this acknowledgement indicates the awareness one is free with oneself, on any land or place one may be.

11) Ameriginality does not insure people and governmental laws and regulation are avoidable or reasons for negation of any kind, or that abuses will not occur, nor that Ameriginals are controlled by anything, even Ameriginality, except as they may see each is the choice of the individual and his free identification.

12) Overall, identification as an Ameriginal is a choice above and beyond human institutions, and therefore, demonstrates how individuals, or even nations may rise above and see, to know or have responsibility for their choices.

13) The Ameriginal finds the freedom and liberty inherent in his true origin, however that origin is defined, heand therefore he may still realize its’ inherent protection, free right, independence from, and connection to all.

14) The Ameriginal is neutral, and this neutrality gives a platform to speak uniquely and cohesively about problems that give space between conflict that two sides may find, and to observe and see without bias or disadvantage into all things that occupy its’ present awareness. This is a special gift. Being Aware and to know thyself would be the purpose of life, and once known, service to the highest good, in truth, becomes the first objective.

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