Wednesday, January 30, 2008

TRUE IGINAL FREEDOM - What is it to be free?


AMERICA was begun by AMERICAN IGINAL PEOPLE of the land who wished to form a more perfect union. Native Indian Tribesman still seek Freedom today. From native indian stories, the term human beings has been a common theme from the Emerald Forest to Dances with Wolves. In Australia, Aboriginal Australians are receiving recognition as indigineous people of their continent. American Ameriginals should also, but now the definition goes beyond native Indian tribes to the Iginal people of the world.

Innate Iginal human beings

All people have innate Iginal freedom outright, and naturally, the simple recognition and acknowledgement is the only pre-requisite. Consciousness must be the key, and conscious acceptance of who we are is our key to consciousness. Becoming aware of our Ameriginality is often a first step to this entire state of freedom, knowing, abd being.

Now the AMERIGINAL may state his freedom, as an ancestor of original descendents. Only the Iginal Ameriginal person lives freely, on any continent. This is not against an established country or nationality, religion or culture. This first advanced state of consciousness is of human beings, but not limited to the national, racial, or international such as governments which cannot provide freedom, even if they provide organizational status. Thus we may realize ourselves in our original state of being of Iginal ancestry, as well as our current state as human beings, without conflict or forced establishment of a physical nation or community.

This unusual and exciting development of conscious freedom must be done individually. It is an acknowledgement of an already existing state. We
each are Iginal people of Earth, naturally, and live of one original ancestry, as human beings. Each of us also has a unique personal ancestry of some continent, either Ameriginal for North and South Americans, or of the other continents, of the Euriginal, Asiginal, Afriginal, or Australiginal groups.

Why do we need to be Iginal? If we are people of a nation as well, shall there be no establishment of religion, nation, or government for the IGINAL people? Simply, freedom and being is a valid statement of existence.

So NOW we establish the state of "AMER". This is a conscious state, not a virtual reality, nor of the internet or a nation, nor separated from any of them, for all Iginal people have also a national and religious or otherwise designated status.

The state of AMER is that of a unbroken unity of humans, each with an individual history and ancestry undenied, only relative to that person and their continental origins.

THE KING OF AMER states this freedom today, and knows it also leads to greater freedom, including ultimate spiritual freedom. AMER becomes the nation of AMERIGINALS, for those living born on this continent or of a heritage of the Americas, even if living abroad. As well, any Ameriginal may be a chosen Iginal people of Europe or Africa, and establish the conscious state for himself of Euriginal. We choose our choice of Iginality. In fact this is what we are, so it is that all are IGINAL people.

Amer is a world-wide community of beings. Iginality is the first step to the Universal consciousness and a civilization of the Universe which follows, although quite distinct in the sense it still is human and natural of Earth. Those who enter this in attitude can also find the third state (as in true third world) of consciousness as the Ziuman, which is aware of the human state, the Iginal state, and becoming aware of the universal state. The primary bridge is acceptance, as there is a bridge between human and Ziuman in the Iginal person
This is primarily an emotional acknowledgement. It is the open acceptance mentally of man's conscious universal state, non-dependent on institution, government, race, or national bias. These emotional and mental bridges lead man to freedom once he realizes the simplicity of what he is. Truly then, in a spiritual freedom of being.

The King of AMER can state everyone lives in the Iginal state. This is as a prince or even a King or Queen, (Vanity ot playing a part in any way). You can know cause and effect, and being what they are, state AMER as the quality of Ameriginals, and AMERIGINA as the state of the nation. Amerigina exists without need for declaration, nor voice of control or authority. IGINA becomes the partnership community of those who acknowledge AMERIGINALITY in the Americas, and IGINAL of the world. The IAM is often sensed as the key voice of this statement.

Here are the key statements of man as AMERIGINAL and IGINAL for this next millenium. In time and space, Man lives. The AMER exists in the largesse of extended existence over time and perhaps leading to that state beyond time, and as a spiritual being you may know this.

The Ameriginal becomes the one aware of the universal in man. This is a likely pre-requisite of the conscious acceptance of AMER.

Good day, AMER. You may now join that group of which you are. You may make it what it is, and be what you are. This none can take away. This shall not directly change the national or racial status, but it may transcend their limits. How unique and wonderful. This PRINCE of AMER is with you.

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