Monday, January 7, 2008



No one is just like you. You may have qualities and abilities unlike any others, but you also have many others share. How we are unique is the way we are each who we are, with unique history, background and self expression of ourselves in the present moment, which none can duplicate. Think of those billions of cells each with its own cell memories, and the quality of our unique being must emerge, someday, in some way. If we try to develop those best qualities and capacity, we can become more of that which we began with, Soul, and develop our soulfulness.

In life we have cycles, events, karmic experiences, and personal growth. We find resistance, learning, and value. We discover principles, and originality. We find our best suits, and begin to wear them. So how can we make the most of all we are. it means knowing the principles of life, not just spiritually, but physically. and we do reach for the higher values in life, the coordinated forms which express us, first in outer things supplied by our senses, shard tastes such as music, or the development of creative talent, or reaching for personal goals. Life becomes more than the sensual experience, sleep, work, and play. The more we see their is unity in the world, the more we know the unified educative nature of life, and the more soulfulness can come out.

Are we going with our own flow? Our world and systems are evolving with technology and communications, in natural ways and often through guarded problems. The original in you is reaching for its own self. Find this and the rest will make sense. Much can be learned here, and so read on.

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